No Orchids for Miss Blandish

A wildly misunderstood film on its simple theme of love and an arranged marriage for a very rich girl, daughter of the Meat King.

She rejects a suitor’s flowers, he is a well-known gangster, the bridegroom-to-be is a very rich drip, the whole thing breaks apart in the value of her jewelry to a couple of thieves, and the value of her person to the Grisson gang.

Slim has fallen so hard for her he lets her go, in a memorable shot she comes right back, melted.

A brutal crime film, and in the middle of it this impossibly doomed love affair.

In keeping with the camouflage of the satire, it all takes place in a pretend New York of nightclub and penthouse and cabin in the woods.

“One of the worst films ever made,” says Halliwell’s Film Guide, citing the tremendously bad press.