Down to the Sea in Ships

A New Bedford story, filmed there and at sea, with the utmost authenticity in every respect, so that John Huston takes this as his model for the whaling in Moby Dick.

The dramatic potentialities are realized tragically in Peter Collinson’s Tomorrow Never Comes.

A shanghaied sailor overcomes the villainy aboard his ship to bring her home and prevent a fortune hunter from taking his bride, and this person is the very man who had him sent away.

The girl’s father would have none but a Quaker and a whaleman for his son-in-law, the young man was neither.

A marvelous film, singularly fortunate.

The malefactor has a Chink in his constitution, but it is not so noticeable that he does not nearly succeed.

Melville and Dana, the try-works, the meeting house in silent worship, the sea hunt, “the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.”