Hotel Anchovy

It’s for sale, ahead of foreclosure.

The Ritz Brothers, “hotel specialists”. Their method, “superservice”.

The clientele may come and go but a “Scotch drunk” buyer is landed.


The Chemist

Duncemore College, Keaton the hardboiled egghead on toast with lab coffee and a squirt from the cow.

Elmer Triple Tripling Powder, love candy...

“What in the world have you been doing?”


Cf. Jack Arnold at Dunsfield in Monster on the Campus.

“I should like to have something that would startle the world,” says the dean, “something like, euhh, well, an earthquake,” and so The Nutty Professor (dir. Jerry Lewis) was born. “I was trying to invent noiseless firecrackers, and it works!”

Cap-and-gown crooks go after the stuff, ignited by water.