On the Wrong Trek

This is where Charley invents De Sica’s Ladri di biciclette as he recounts his vacation adventures with wife and mother-in-law, beset by highway robbers, cadging gasoline disastrously, turned away at the state line like hoboes, singing for their supper in a hobo camp, and finally, broken down on the highway, trying the robbers’ trick of looking like an accident.



Tassels in the Air

Curly and Larry play a game of checkers on a black and white tile floor with cans of paint, Curly “crowns” a can by placing his bowler hat on it. The Three Stooges sort out what’s what in the art world and elaborate the basics and foundation of Jackson Pollock’s Action Painting (cf. Pop Goes the Easel).


Violent Is the Word for Curly

Three Hamburgers get the Super Service treatment at Mildew College.

“Swingin’ the Alphabet” with the student body, Professor Feinstein’s theory, and the Stooges at basketball.


Mutts to You

A semi-automated dog-washing service cleanses a very patient Dalmatian for a quarreling couple whose baby is mistaken by the Stooges for a foundling. Police take a hand, the baby gets a spanking clean wash.


Flat Foot Stooges

The fire chief’s daughter needs saving when a fire-engine salesman booby-traps the apparatus drawn by Annie and Fannie, just back from the Turkish bath.

Chase’s equable style is perfect for the elaborate telling of the joke.


Saved by the Belle

A complicated welter of surreal images, plot devices, funny gags (including the “it’s execution day” gag later used in Beat the Devil), and abundant silliness. Curly invents a “shock absorber for earthquakes,” and the Stooges are sprung from the hoosegow by an apostolic tremor only to become embroiled in some South American banana republicking.