Kung Fu

The theme of the Chinese warlord has been treated by Sternberg, Capra and Ford. It is divided throughout for analytical purposes.

The warlord has his wish, a certain girl, his captain wishes the Empire. So the operating method against an objective, a traitor within and “the Emperor’s cannon” without.

Death on Cold Mountain

Collapse of a Shaolin temple by these means, harboring the girl.

Cannon at the Gates

Discernment of the means and motives, confession of the traitor, destruction of the cannon.

A tale told by Master Kan in later years to young pupils.



It does not turn as easily as one could wish, even for a medal-winner back from the wars, an abandoned merry-go-round in a county field. It can nevertheless be made to turn with the greatest of effort, and then one can leave.

A pure explication of the dilemma, a dogfight concludes the proceedings, a pit with a dog in it.

Sumptuously filmed for the truth and beauty in it, somewhere.