The Fixer

The terrors of the damned await a Mafia lawyer who can no longer abide his work, they kill his priest in front of him, the body goes in a furnace, all because the consigliere has had enough of bribing and badgering, and even unloading a body in the trunk of his car.

He’s a toady to the crime bosses, they whistle up the dance at posh spreads he connives at for them. At such a gathering, he borrows a new thoroughbred jumper and goes around the ring, staring across at the partygoers. He falls and is bedridden. This initiates another course of action. He is the rare case that heals, the mob disapproves of his new frame of mind. He engineers a trap.

St. Paul was a zealous religionist, before he was struck down and asked why. Jon Voight plays the case study like Dali’s comedo or Luther’s ripe stool, urgently in need of release “like a shot off a shovel.”