The World’s Greatest Sinner

Hitler, of course. Das Volk is translated as “regardless of race, creed or color”.

From the essential source in Kazan’s A Face in the Crowd, this purified, cleansed, rigorous model of analysis looking ahead to Huston’s Wise Blood, Haggard’s The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, Tim Robbins’ Bob Roberts and Warren Beatty’s Bulworth.

The text is “ye shall be as gods”, one step beyond Rossen’s All the King’s Men.

One of the several beauties is a sure foundation on the insurance man in Lubitsch’s That Uncertain Feeling as compared with “The Eternal Man’s Party” announced on a bag of fertilizer.

The director as star, Paul Frees, Frank Zappa, Anthony M. Lanza, Ray Dennis Steckler, Edgar G. Ulmer, Gustav Holst.

The crowd goes wild as he shakes and shimmies on the bandstand, first name God, politics is even headier stuff, he runs for president.

“They’re putting you in the same class with Father Divine and Sweet Daddy Grace, Mr. Hilliard, would you comment on this?”

“Sorry, gentlemen, that concludes this press conference.”          

His personality, as Moe would say, is just under his lip.

Rotten to the core,
Honey you can’t say no more.

The TV Guide review is a treasure, “dopey, poorly acted, scripted with a dull pencil, and outdated,” etc.

“Audaciously subversive and bone-deep weird” (Andy Markowitz, Baltimore City Paper).

Übermensch is “super human being”. The party badge is a capital F for Follower. If you prick the Body of Christ, is there no Blood? “Nothing but a piece of bread! Jesus Christ, what a joke!”

Kubrick remembers the line of retribution in 2001: A Space Odyssey.