Demon Seed

A scientist forsakes his wife to build an organic supercomputer that will render humans obsolete, it devises a way to imprison and rape his wife, delivering her of an entity that will render computers obsolete, a little girl.

Thus the joke, all of a piece, and mainly a turn for actress and props, Le Corps humain, as some critics observed.

The structural relationship with Youngís Wait Until Dark is to be noted.

This is indeed a performance by Julie Christie comparable to Magnani in La Voix humaine for Rossellini, its human rationality faced with the insensate machine is sculptural and dramatic.


White of the Eye

The Tucson maniac who wires your house for sound and kills the mistress, with reference to an 8-track lover who perishes with him incidentally in a mining pit on the way to Malibu.

One of the most able films ever made, with reference also to Peeping Tom, Gone with the Wind, The Shining and The Shout.


Wild Side

This is an attempt to reconstruct Cammellís original, and reportedly lacks forty minutes. Itís nevertheless a work on the order of any, and is directly comparable to his previous film, White of the Eye.

One of the great stylists of the cinema, a perfect director.

BCCI has one escapee, the launderer of money extraordinaire (doesnít do drugs), he sicks his Chinese ex-wife on the lady bank examiner and goes scot free again, the girls go Third World.

Cammellís technique and art deserve the closest study, five or six directors at this time are co-equals, no more.