The Gun

An arduous thing, hauling a piece of ordnance where it will do the most good, manhauling as they say in the Antarctic.

Stanley Kramer has this in The Pride and the Passion, Caffey has a fine long view of the enemy at last.

It comes in handy for Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, to be sure. Caffey’s magnificent direction in color is a benchmark.


The Night of the Simian Terror
The Wild Wild West

The parable of a Kansas Senator with a prodigious son consigned to Dr. Von Liebig’s simian researches.

The boy now grown joins with an ape chum from the lab to terrorize and destroy his erstwhile family.


Once Upon a Time
Hawaii Five-O

Nothing in the medical computer (cf. Banacek’s case, “If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn’t He Tell Us Where He Is?”, dir. Bernard Kowalski).

Nothing up McGarrett’s sleeve, he palms the coin and lets the gizmo scrutinize a slug, as it were.

A feature-length exposť.