Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case

Against a mounting wave of melancholia eventually diagnosed as crippling despair, Dr. Kildare prescribes a dash of daring, thanks to Dr. Gillespie.

The theme was reworked as First to Fight.


The Adventures of Tartu

This is evidently among the preparations for works like Dr. No, Operation Crossbow and You Only Live Twice, showing the groundwork involved.

A masterpiece of extraordinary verve and distinction in every respect.

Undercover in the New Order by nefarious degrees, to blow up a poison gas works.

The main trick is to see the godawful spoiled bitch of a Nazi sympathizer as truly a Czech heroine (Valerie Hobson), and there are countless other felicities all summed up in Robert Donat’s bravura performance.

The New York Times sent an idiot to review it and got its money’s worth.


Without Love

This is where Spencer Tracy gets called Einstein, which is about the working level of the film.

Crowther assumed that, since it was over his head, Donald Ogden Stewart had somehow messed about with Philip Barry’s play.

Variety took another tack, declaring the film much too simple really.

Later writers have understood a marriage not of true minds but of convenience, “for propriety’s sake”.

The irreducible elements are the widow’s idyll and the scientist’s old flame, he carries all before him in his wartime experiments on a new high-altitude oxygen mask.