a software manufacturer


it’s a bipolar world believe you me which itself is now
a euphemism it pays to know these things you’re in or out
up or down right or left you know what I mean on or off
and that’s the name of the game that constitutes knowledge
remember that play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern you do
well it’s a toss-up with a law of averages you can beat if
you get a break in the short run we build machines
or rather mechanisms if you like that register knowledge
which is power how it’s in or out or in goes out comes in
you see what I mean that’s the whole secret of it there’s
no mystery really though we might add that heh heh heh
it’s knowing this at every fraction of a second makes it work

take a rat in a kind of Borges maze here and other
not here not other not here not other ad infinitum so
it’s always one from Column A and one from Column B
and synergy thereof maybe even syzygy I don’t know heh
that’s when you know of course you do of course you do
space medicine Travertine marble supermarket chains
toys trade tuna toffee terwillickers the whole megillah
it’s sort of religious Confucian maybe Zoroastrian
that’s not my province as a colleague of mine once said

seriously it’s a tong rhyme between dinks and I think
with some humility of our role I guess I should say we
for knowledge with power relies on well communications
and a gift of gab is rare you see I’m no Hedda Hopper
what you need is a wide statistical sampling as it were
a wide input so you see that results diminish with time
in a sort of inverse ratio upside down inside out it goes
as quietly as a cottonseed sop of oil but it’s sure as
sure can be in the long run with a will it can be done

this is the reckoning that happens every day I say A+
or say you say A- that goes in the machine you’re laughing
OK put case I say X or Y and you say oppositely
what does it reference as they say it goes in here “and
it comes out here” heh heh alright but I say X or Y
and you say X or Y it came out in three different successions
mitigated by an overlay watch here it’s here and here
you’re here I’m here OK a two sample now we open here
and here’s the thing it arcs you watch the sample
grows and now we have the same indications
with new parameters I know it’s bullshit watch
here it’s goes and look goes it’s look on and there
a wide network registering upwards downwards and
to the side you see how do you place it there it is
what’s in or out or sidewise how can you feel about
such things an ecstasy or tribulation I have no doubt
you can heh heh or not or pay any attention whatsoever
deficiently yes the law of large numbers well something like it

take a movie critic who has a lot of big screenings
several times a day let’s say or all day every day
what does he see if not a basic sampling of the facts
themselves assembled in a random manner statistically
from a core of random manners I mean facts how
extrapolate of all the variables something like music
well we don’t not very actually studies have proven
eyes regard very well under the statistical sampling
or if they don’t they do in another way you’re sleeping
and the world suddenly catches your eye I see it move
but it’s a lab you have things wired to your ass you’re dreaming
something’s happening in your mind that you don’t know about
and I don’t know about something else is happening outside
that I know about but you don’t so what at that moment do you know?

heh heh I abuse you heh heh heh that’s very funny
no I’m watching you asleep your eyes are twitching all around
you agreed to this you signed the papers it’s a sleep disorder
or a research program it’s all in your head you’ll remember
and figure it out but at the philosophical moment what do you know?

it’s a bit of assemblage and reconstruction gives you the facts
that’s what movie critics do and what we do we’re critics heh that’s good
because the way it is the way it works we work is really critical