a theologian


I part my robes to defecate as any other man Sir
and use Talons Kleenex all that sort of thing
my order of business isn’t the usual bill of fare
come on while I ablute order us some wine
and we’ll have dinner so what’s yours Bull’s Blood
I’m kidding no a Riesling yes Champagne I knew it
knew the guy who blessed the batch at Rheims what was it
noble rot I’m keen no sit right down we’ll chat

okay I’ve waited the lamb right enough so yes?
potatoes right small peas and let’s have a glass

I wanted to talk about the winds of change the fate
of nations as it has to you know do with other things the state
of Coachella citrus fruits and figs the economy or
melancholia in the realm of Nod and all that jazz
you see my point you don’t let’s just say look I want you
to know a few other other things machine shops what are they
doing now automobile designers gardeners ever ask yourself?

nice powder rooms I must say big and large you know
roomy with the one-color scheme they favor at the Louvre
and the Wadsworth Atheneum you know straight paint job

God looks at it this way the globe is round or nearly
and it goes around light or dark and and it tilts
and weather and all that how’s your dinner what is it
birds in sauce ah quails yes that would be good me no I
find this lamb a little yes I’m trembling I’m sick
it’s nothing I’m in tears a long story damn it you’re kind
I have my napkin yes I’m fine oh no please help me up
I’m sorry I just have to yes there that’s it haven’t slept well
since I don’t know when where were we yes another drop
that’s good yes God the way it goes sometimes and other times

yes I’ll pay no please it’s the least that I can do you know
oh shit my wallet no just kidding here you are my man take this
and where were we no I think God wishes us watch the door there

it’s good to breathe the air and you wouldn’t know this
too many spices in the lamb too many spoil it look here
narcissi oh that dreaded perfume it gets my goat
and you not you too no let’s take the park down to the
river there were steamboats here not too long ago now
yes light up dear God the wind blows strongly here
I want to tell you but don’t take my word for it here
you see this bird this sparrow there right there it goes
look at that I wonder about all this it doesn’t really get
anywhere it goes better comes back worse what’s the point?

look here my friend rivers flow one way only oh they flood
from time to time the sun’s all red and gone the moon
a bit of chalk is on the pavement of the stars you cricket
do you wonderful I see a grebe I think yes it’s a grebe
here’s the landing jump aboard I’ll have us away in a jiff

what you know how you know it’s a matter of education really
upbringing then you read what you read move around
in circles hear what everyone else hears but it goes
like more or less this I hand you this document
it’s your job you know what to do at this point you just do it

it was in the service I learned to be a soldier and bob off
when I want like the many ears of grammar to shield like
all my heads the many folded curtains where you when
sleep behind the coated colors field-ready mess kits you eat
along the roads to nowhere anywhere somewhere you’re going
thank you I’ll admire the view no take your time
I’ll be right here when you get back I’ll have a smoke thanks