a community leader


changing the culture the war to last till all things
are a bloody maelstrom of vindictive thingumabobs
at last I greet you my my bearhugs and mustache
how do you do I’m calling you’re harking hark ye this
I love you yes I do I really really really really love you

boots or saddles dig my log on jamboree time
whee-ha ho ho hee hee no seriously I grieve
as at a Granma Landing sendaway see they return

this is my untoward city if you freely behold
me on my Taj Mahal or Tupperware Tower of Tup
you have to behold my wares or scares my violins
and alto sax hoo-ha my folding card table all my junk
I bought it at an estate or yard sale way back when

a frigging spaz is what you’re monsieur that’s good
the head of the class bows right down to your ass I
think the wondrous world of you but you disconcert me
in a strange way like the grey hairs on my tit
and Junior’s boners and the clanging of the great bell
when these boarders hit the rail and glare me down
like little girls in pinafores and rouge such little mites

full fadom five the canon zounds arise Ophelia
no nay she canna she must really lily filly
and the great song let us inquire together let us sing

Love is good as deadhead wood I fancy you this day

Big man say hip hip hooray oh won’t you mouth this lay

Ask me if I’m happy now I never walk this way

Kiss my Kix I’m leaving you you could not heal my bay