an economic theorist


Pharaohs and all of them looked upon Hebrews
as a people without gods and the Hebrews saw
a culture shifting from mere animal worship
to a world of men and women and creatures so
men have shown a strong resistance to some
middlemen and terms but there are factors
that escape the finer conditions of our expectation
walleyed wander and become another economic standard

these are the diverse examples you can find of
mobile worlds observed from relative inactivity
as you have seen the Paris of Eiffel not that of
Guillotin for example so wonder is at a premium
if you speculate in thought about the nature of speculation

pompous gyroscopic attitudes just don’t pay off
the way they used to not to know what there is to know
doesn’t mean what it used to mean if you know what I mean

I on the other hand see the big deals here as a lever
you depress to get the result outside of this you see
the apologies of Misery and hosannas of Unsuccess

I rarely wonder about the underworld though it
must have its agios agoras currencies and news
that sparkles like a dreaming wunderbar Wonderbra
you keep your hopes up with or something else
that might have occurred to you a mere recall of wind
a spreading of history or just a jumble of words that
scores across a field of grass or asphalt and goes home

model theories of economics simply call for trade
and with it neighborhood and vacuity of tension
I am bidden to observe frankly I regard this as my duty

for what is a medium of exchange if not a purpose
to live and fulfill it has a round figurative nothing
that calls and calls whistles at us round the clock use me