a line producer


you’re riding on this golf cart see
where Jimmy Cagney bit the dust here on this
pavement where I’m sitting you can feel the hum
the whole hum and nothing but the hum

I’m on this Stratosphere see way up there you know
going up or down around you know the bit
I tell you that’s showbiz up and down a mile high

oh yeah I know all about it emotional did you say?

we grab ’em from their seats or else we’re dead
we see around the walls up your nose why don’t you
walk with me let’s get a drink you like this beer?

I’ll tell you all around the set they say the same things
loolaround fazoo hey what a deal don’t mock me
it’s a family deal you know we do it all here
we do everything in the world we make piss into Sauterne
heh heh

no no kidding it’s one helluva life you dig me?
I don't think look out you almost fell why not
it’s fake dog crap we make it here ourselves
admire the coloring how it catches the sunlight
just so leave it there heh heh for this next shot

I’ll give you some before you go don’t worry about it

I’ve seen the finest come through here believe me
Robson Cagney I said Cagney Mankiewicz et al.
you know Al ha ha they do good work here
no I really mean it all the trades you know are
here we got it all sometimes it’s shit sometimes it ain’t

we’ll be here when you come again don’t worry bye