The Match King

He who borrows to buy the world owes everything to himself alone in the end, that’s the theory.

A remarkable document, taken from the life, that ends in phony Italian bonds seen through by the Americans, and a suicide.

Mordaunt Hall couldn’t follow it, of course, “too episodic”, but considered it passably good, for the New York Times.

Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle appeared in person on the Strand stage following the showing of the feature,” continued Hall. “Immediately after he had spoken a few words, his first comedy in several years was thrown upon the screen. It is called ‘Hey, Pop.’ It is a pathetic attempt at sympathetic farce, except possibly for those who like to laugh at Mr. Arbuckle juggling with wheat cakes and eggs or disguising himself in women's clothes, so that he may save a poor little boy from going to an orphanage.