A great and noble masterpiece, beautifully filmed and edited, employing the same material that goes to make up Ulmer’s Hannibal, sets, actors, shots, treated somewhat differently in the last analysis (Bragaglia abbreviates the Alpine crossing, expands other scenes), a fine rhetorical style renders the classical epic heroism with a tragic flaw, perhaps, and certainly a sad, almost mystical outcome.


Amazons of Rome

The great English dub of Le vergini di Roma is led by Louis Jourdan, adding the polish to his role as commander of the barbarian forces assailing Rome in its early days. This force, in league with Greek mercenaries and under the overall rule of an Etruscan general with his army, beats back the Roman legions and enters the city. A troop of defiant girls in armor go as hostages, and with them a captive of the Romans (Nicole Courcel) whipped and stripped in public, who wants Rome burned to the ground (Michel Piccoli is the consul who loves her).

Sylvia Syms leads the would-be Amazons in this greatly diverting masterpiece on effete townsmen, crafty Greeks, strategizing Etruscans, high-tempered women, and honest barbarians.