Joyriding with Joy lands a soldier in the clink, and leaves him broke, while the other doughboys cartwheel back to the States after the Armistice.

The clean lines of the well-drawn animation are akin to Otto Messmer’s Felix.


Westward Whoa

Life on the Bungo Ranch, ridin’ and ropin’ as fer as possible.

The cattle set themselves against Mutt and Jeff, cowboys, and have to be corralled en masse with a very large lariat, too large maybe.


Slick Sleuths

Detectives Mutt and Jeff seek the Phantom, a shadow who becomes a door or window (with a lady inside) or Charlie Chaplin or a black mammy or a cop, very hard to grasp.

A park bench dream, later expanded in Kromocolor (also Westward Whoa).


NON... Tu exagères

How Mussolini’s farewell dinner was greeted with trumpeting elephants at the Capitol.

The fellow who swam the Channel piggyback on a bicycle rider.

Theft of a tenor’s high C.

“More or less a bunch of truths,” therefore the Liars Club takes an attempted suicide out of the cannon’s mouth for his tale of breeding “nasty cats” from pussy willows to save a damsel beset by mice, he wins the George Washington medallion.

The French version of Now You Tell One. “La vérité étant, dit-on, toute nue... pour lutter contre cette indécence...


There It Is

A vaudeville crazy house with a beautiful nurse, of course, the patients cable Scotland Yard against “the fuzz faced phantom”.

Scotland Yard is a playground full of Scotsmen, the yardmaster sends one over to America in kilts and cap wi’ bagpipe and sporran, directly.

The Bowers Process and every trick in the book.


Say Ah-h!

An intellectual exercise on the nature of femininity. An ostrich fed cement will lay eggs that bend cutlery, however a feed mixture of articles and implements such as a pillow, for instance, and a feather duster, suitably ground up, produce a creature that eats everything, dances to the phonograph in such a way as to allay the wrath of the grouchiest customer, and rears delightful chicks like herself.


Wild Oysters

They’re out of season and need their sleep, naturally they’re argumentative.

How to keep the dog and cat engaged whilst enjoying the milk.

An Animated Antic for Max Fleischer, pure genius and a mile wide.