The Noah

A thirty-year man in the U.S. Army, beached on an island after a nuclear war, all alone in the world.

He wears the New Federation star on his left shoulder, the 1st Cavalry Division patch on his right. Plenty of hash marks and just one stripe, he’s been in since World War II, his retirement was twenty-six days away.

Chinese Communists have held the island, he has plenty of supplies, pictures of the leadership and Karl Marx, pin–up girls, the flag of the New Federation (light star, dark ground), busts of Chairman Mao.

The radiation gets him finally, resigned stoically, not before his mind invents a Friday and a female and children and the nightmare of history up to his present, all voiceovers he responds to in spoken dialogue and various actions.

A masterpiece superbly filmed in black-and-white evoking Brook’s Lord of the Flies, a tour de force by Robert Strauss.