The Prince and the Angel
Charlie’s Angels

A prince is touring America with two bodyguards, spending freely in an unknown currency, hunted by a hit man for the opposition. He meets Jill in a Westwood clothing store, invites her to lunch and buys a convertible roadster (excusing himself for a moment) to drive her home.

Bole’s direction is surprisingly intimate in its views of the city. His lens in Westwood isolates the storefronts during a sequence of the assassin’s frustration, parked across the street and balked at every moment.

At a picnic beside a lake the picturesqueness is entirely successful, the setting is viewed for its own sake and allowed at times to leave focus as background.

Jill is a race car driver, the prince lumbers along in his Thirties gem as cars race by honking their horns, the assassin catches up, the prince floors it through residential streets and up a steep driveway.