The Hypnotic Eye

The stage hypnotist’s act is demonstrated by and with the theater audience as a series of object lessons, ends do not meet, all are bound, salutes and knee-slapping, the leaden balloon...

A masterpiece from William Read Woodfield on the mysterious self-mutilation of beautiful women after each show, one in the emergency room is heard repeating the name of Desmond’s lovely and talented stage assistant...

TV Guide, “a cult horror classic.”

According to Cavett Binton (Rovi), “mundane psycho-thriller... thoroughly disarms any potential for suspense.”

Leonard Maltin, “partially successful chiller”.


Bitter Water

Mining rights on the McCarren spread seem ready to pass out of McCarren’s hands through his son to the boy’s prospective father-in-law, Len Keith, who makes a great show of helping a young man get his start in life “grabbing an opportunity,” but Keith has designs on the whole Carson Valley. Ben sees right through the shine, so that Keith abandons “reason” and tries other means more directly.

They come to his hand when his foreman discovers several head of cattle newly acquired and “probably rustled” have deadly Texas fever, spread by ticks. Keith culls them out and slips some into the Ponderosa herd.

Hoss has a puppy with ticks he treats with a sulfur bath. Ben tries the trick on his cattle by digging a pit next to a corral in the pasture.

Keith raises the town to destroy the Cartwright herd, but now all the ranches are infected. He is shot drawing on Adam, the ranchers are bidden to the sulfur bath with their herds.