Ants in the Pantry

Exterminators visit the plagues of Egypt on a fox-hunting manor to drum up business.

In the hunt, they catch a skunk.


Half Shot Shooters

The trio from Boobs in Arms sign up unwillingly once again, are wakened to sink the Admiral’s flagship, and go to blazes.


Disorder in the Court

Felix Adler’s keen analysis of courtroom tactics features a jury out of Vigo, and another hat routine to accompany Donald and Gogo and Didi.

Perry Mason returns this particular compliment in “The Case of the Laughing Lady”. Scorsese reprises the vise in Casino.


A Pain in the Pullman

The Three Stooges, vaudevillians, and Company. The monkey et al. cause a commotion on the train, all are ejected onto bulls.


Slippery Silks

It opens with an abstruse joke about a pyramidal or A-frame cabinet design that one of them has had in his head since childhood, and moves through slapstick to the great Chinese box gag. From there, by degrees, it winds up giving a fashion show to which the Stooges contribute parodies of Dali. It all ends in a pie fight and the retribution of the ladies.


Grips, Grunts and Groans

A Depression fable.

Hoboes hustled off a boxcar hide out in a gym, spar for a boxer, shepherd a wrestler and substitute for him in the ring (Curly).

The Paris scent of Wild Hyacinth sends him, and that pays off the match.


Back to the Woods

Varlets of Jolly Olde are sentenced to save the Colonists from Indians.

The interchange of customs puts an Indian in a tunic and the disguised soldiers in buckskin and fur caps (coonskin, skunkskin).