Wailing in a Winter Wonderland
The Flying Nun

Sister Olaf (Celia Lovsky) pines away for her native Norway at Christmastime, it’s all a matter of seeding the clouds, after a consultation with the man at the U.S. Weather Service (Woodrow Parfrey), whose job never varies in sunny San Juan.

Indeed it snows upon the convent as festively as you would please, but Sister Bertrille is carried over the town by tradewinds, tourists in their bathing suits flee a sudden snowstorm, leaving San Juan “flat-chested”, says a nun. “Flat busted”, Mother Superior explains.

Carlos raises money from a consortium of fellow businessmen, it’s distributed exactly like the dry ice, from above (as before, a “handup”, that is, “handout”). Tourists return, in even greater numbers than before.

The consortium, however, not seeing how it was done, get their money back from Carlos, forcibly.