The Thief of Bagdad

It took a minimum of three directors to realize, but Miles Malleson alone is credited with working out Lajos Biró’s scenario.

It is the true Arabian Nights material.

John Justin and Sabu (and Rex Ingram as the genie) fill the screen for Douglas Fairbanks, Vincent Korda takes over from Menzies (who participates), a unique style is precipitated by all these means and the many attentions of the directors, who are not only attentive to the style they have produced but also unremittingly brilliant in its execution.

Ahmad the King and his wicked Vizier, the Sultan of Basra and his mechanical toys, the Sultan’s daughter whom no-one outside the palace may look upon, and the title character revealed in the fullness of time to be a prince in his own right, in a great mystic parable akin to Christian symbolism.