He Joe

Three slit openings, great to small, behind hangings. Look under the bed (camera takes coign of vantage). Voice begins, Joe in promontory position, Le Penseur. Camera wades in by degrees, medium closeup, closeup. Voice colorless, insistent monotone. Extreme closeup. Eyes and nose. Grimace or grin discernible.


...nur noch Gewölk...

A meditation on Yeats’ “The Tower”, conditions of the poem.

Baudelaire’s marchand de nuages, Rimbaud’s tentation d’Antoine.


He Joe

The same set, clearer, classical lines. Essentially the same action. Hand mirror. (Camera takes coign of vantage, etc.) Voice very rapid, insistent monotone, colorless, hectoring whisper. Dramatic responsiveness in Joe, clutches front of wrapper. Listens, construes meaning. Camera wades in, Napoleonic pose, Baudelairean, B’s Don Juan at a chance. Anguish. Gance’s Beethoven. Hands over eyes. Shudder. Extreme closeup, eyes and nose and mouth.


Quadrat 1 + 2

On, periphery, diagonals, avoidance of the center, avoidance of the other, off.

Fast, colorful, musical, then slow, pale, silent but for shuffling feet.


Nacht und Träume

A scrap of song (Schubert), and what pertains thereto.


Was Wo

The three interlocutors appear in The Three Stooges’ “hello”, the seasons pass, they gain no insight.