Five Widows Weeping
The Sixth Sense

Newlyweds, she sees him sit up from his grave with blank staring eyes. A man in armor slashes at her with his halberd. Five widows and five men covered in dirt accompany a casket down a corridor, one of the men opens it to reveal her husband’s finger and ring.

His father confers on him the family fortune, instead of his older brother. The visions bring a call to Dr. Rhodes, best friend at college.

The husband disappears, kidnapped. Rhodes finds the ring, ferrets out a missing key. The father’s first business was a mine, “the widowmaker”, now padlocked, where a cave-in killed five men. The kidnappers are led by the victim’s sister ($500,000 ransom), Rhodes finds him in a mine pit.

The company car used by the kidnappers has a hood ornament, a knight.


Fallen Angel
Charlie’s Angels

Jill’s in love with a cat burglar in the jet set who preys on his own for the excitement. The angels are crestfallen at this discovery, the assignment is to guard a diamond belonging to a soprano in town to sing La Traviata.

The burglar’s specialty is rappelling down a building, he and Jill do this to enter the dressing room. The jewel box has a cobra, he waves his hand to lull it and then snatches the diamond.

On the rooftop, Jill pulls a gun, she’s been undercover for Charlie.

The opening scene shows the burglar in action, calling a husband away while he burgles the room, kisses the wife’s hand extended from the shower, and selects a dress for her.