Poem of fatness and the “lean and hungry look”. The mad scene poetic with a camera in one continuous take, followed by the poetic descriptions of food in its most delirious manifestations, a sucked-out jelly doughnut with chocolate swirl ice cream inside, for example.

Marty is the springboard and point of departure. Echt New York, a place where you live, a great city that leaves the rest behind.

Shocking reviews, “a definitive example of how not to approach the subject” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times), whereas the particular comic gravitas imposed on the cast is a brilliant invention, “mostly unfunny” (TV Guide, which could not follow the plot), with not “much sincerity or intelligence... little insight” (Catholic News Service Media Review Office), whereas it is a masterpiece with an especially fine role for Dom DeLuise, as sometimes noted, “unappealing” (Halliwell’s Film Guide), “bumbling and sluggish... lamentable” (Variety, expert on onions).

“Chubby Checkers” watch your weight as far as it goes, the bachelor’s diet of bread and cheese and kisses is on again off again, better to marry than to burn.