mind you hark me
this just in hot off the griddle so to speak
a lucky thing and you would wish it so
like as you are of a fairness a ruddy thing
whap went the hammer the lady went for a song
as songs are prized here’s one hullaballoo hella-
cious things about the day I saw ere be noon
-tide on the docket with an Anatole France description
by your side minutely given up with a whim vagrant
and fixed mired and you need last to be admired
heyday fulcrum thou art a pivot if no divot
nor yet rivet a trivet to your own
backside so flummer feed a livestock be it said
a late report hug guffaw! and a lion’s breath
is proverbially sweet hyenas for the rest
cast in your lot for a blind date stricken so
were this a cat-o’-nine-tails on the lump
twere better to avoid it thusly
or so the man said