a wan day at the best of things you may say
it’s a May thing the great thing and wonderfully
say you so my thing with a wish
and a will look ye here wash it down
with a Vernor’s and the automatic tach
clicks off a few miles in a few seconds
watch in a few huffs and a few other
puffs the work week and a tragic
unbecomingness heretofore what were
you? the unbecomingness alterwhiles
the may become or the whiles
the alter case the other side of the thing
thin coin of the realm whose picture is on the thing
look ye it’s Spring or the rare thing o’er
the drab span you bully up the old tunes
criticized championed resonant recurring
lovely it’s lovely with a fair turn of will
and there you are with a demi-john or a
demi-tasse of something you spit out or swallow
unsuspected the realm’s other face
other dimension perhaps if that’s too strong a word